A collection of my original lyrics and compositions. All works here copyright Anna Castiglioni.


Hawk's Lament
Arrivederci Italia PDF | midi
Red-Blooded Princess (filk)
Minstrel In Distress
My Favorite Things (tune of same in The Sound of Music) midi
Star Wars Filk - 3 songs
Thy Golden Strings (a Shakespearean sonnet), Featured in Renaissance Magazine, #84, page 16


San Diego Harvest Song PDF | midi
Winter Is Here


I wrote these before the movies came out, so they are based completely on the books.
Frodo of the Nine Fingers
Shield Maiden
(Read my Tolkien Tribute!)


Fall of the Snow Elves (a song of Dawnguard)
The Virtuous Thief (a Thieves Guild song)
A Glass of Golden Mead (yep, it's a drinking song)
Under the Mountain Shadow
Skies of Skyrim
The Rose of Valenwood
The Old Sea Hawk (tune "Irish Rover")


Fairies at Twilight (harp) PDF | midi
Lubec Jig (guitar, composed in Lubec, ME; coming)
Haymakers Waltz (violin, composed in Lubec, ME; coming)
The Narrows (violin, composed in Lubec, ME;coming)
Mansion - Harp and violin, composed for the 48hr Film Project, 2011
Score midi | Harp midi | Violin midi

Anne McAffrey's Pern Novels

Fire Lizard Song midi (to Menoly's song in DragonSong)
Brekke's Lament midi

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